The Mad Scientist Laboratory

An Occultis Mechanica short story

The night was moonless, shrouded in an eerie mist that veiled the streets of the city. A group of intrepid Investigators, each bearing their unique skills, ventured cautiously into the abandoned laboratory, drawn by rumors of dark secrets hidden within.

Leading the way was the Gearsmith, a master of clockwork craftsmanship. Their keen eyes and nimble hands surveyed the surroundings, deciphering the intricate machinery left behind by a forgotten inventor. Walking alongside them was the Mentalist, a perceptive psychologist skilled in reading people's intentions and unraveling the mysteries of the human mind. Their acute observations and empathetic insights proved invaluable in deciphering the hidden motives and psychological manipulations lurking in the shadows. Close behind, the Apothecary, a master of herbal remedies and alchemical potions, examined the remnants of experiments gone wrong. Their expertise in understanding the properties of various substances aided in identifying potential dangers and unraveling the enigmatic concoctions left behind.

As they ventured deeper, the Medium, gifted with the ability to sense and communicate with spirits, felt a chilling presence emanating from the ethereal plane. Whispers and echoes filled their senses, revealing the residual energies of those who met untimely ends in this forsaken place.

During their exploration, the group encountered a locked chamber, inaccessible to their mechanical prowess alone. It was here that the Diplomat, skilled in the art of negotiation and political maneuvering, stepped forward. Earlier that day, he had been to the city magistrate's office and secured a key for the building - not knowing what it's use would be. The key fit the lock perfectly and the door opened.

Within the depths of the chamber, they uncovered a hidden journal, its pages filled with cryptic writings and forbidden knowledge. Each member of the group lent their unique expertise, deciphering the clues and piecing together the twisted puzzle that lay before them. As they delved deeper into the mystery, the true nature of the laboratory became apparent—a breeding ground for eldritch abominations. The horrors that emerged were a testament to the twisted ingenuity of the mad scientist who once operated within these walls.

Together, the Investigators repelled the creations, relying on their collective skills and teamwork to overcome the abominations. The Gearsmith's mastery of weapons and gadgets, the Mentalist's insight into the human psyche, the Apothecary's knowledge of alchemical remedies, the Medium's connection with spirits, and the Diplomat's ability to gain access to forbidden areas, and the Veteran’s skills in battle all played a crucial role in their fight for survival.

Their victory was hard-won, but the shadows of Occultis Mechanica held countless more secrets and challenges. As they emerged from the depths of the laboratory, the Investigators realized the weight of their mission—to uncover the truth, confront the darkness, and protect the world from the encroaching horrors that threatened to consume it. Their journey had only just begun, and the mysteries of Occultis Mechanica awaited them.

Occultis Mechanica awaits you, Fearless Investigator