Get to know us

We are a dynamic and creative group of tabletop role-playing gamers (TTRPGs) with a passion for storytelling and immersive gameplay. we work to craft exceptional adventures, captivating monsters, and develop original role-playing games.

We have come together with the shared goal of creating a user-friendly system. Our team is incredibly diverse, consisting of individuals from various walks of life and backgrounds.

With our combined expertise and passion for the game, we have set out to develop adventures, worlds, and a system that is accessible and enjoyable for players of all levels of experience. Through our dedication and commitment, we strive to make the Tabletop gaming experience more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

The art of creating unforgettable experiences for players takes center stage. We are dedicated to the meticulous construction of imaginative and engaging narratives that transport players into rich and vibrant game worlds.

Whether it's developing intricate plotlines, crafting challenging puzzles, or designing memorable encounters, we try our best to excel at building adventures that captivate the imaginations of both new and seasoned players.

We take great pride in developing original role-playing games and storylines drawing on on our knowledge and experience that provide players with fresh, immersive and fun gaming experiences.

These original RPGs showcase TTRPG Workshop's commitment to pushing the boundaries of game design and fostering a sense of adventure.

This initiative is not driven by the intention to generate profit. Instead, its purpose is rooted in the belief of giving back to the community. The underlying reason for offering this system free of charge is to contribute something meaningful to the TTRPG and RPG community.

We strive to provide something enjoyable that brings happiness to the community without the aim of financial expectations in return.