Skills and Expertise

The following are the general definitions for the skills and expertise used within the RPGA system.


This stat embodies raw physical power, resilience, and combat prowess. Characters with high Might excel at feats of strength, endure punishment with fortitude, and wield weapons with deadly efficiency

  • Athletics: You excel at lifting, climbing, jumping incredible distances, and maintaining exceptional stamina and endure prolonged physical exertion.

  • Fortitude: You gain increased resistance to physical damage, shrug off fatigue more easily, and possess an unwavering willpower that bolsters your resistance to mental manipulation.

  • Weaponry: You can execute complex combat maneuvers, unleash devastating attacks with increased precision, and potentially unlock unique weapon techniques specific to your chosen fighting style.


This stat represents swiftness, dexterity, and reflexes. Characters with high Agility move with lightning speed, dodge attacks with grace, and aim with exceptional precision.

  • Acrobatics: You can contort your body to squeeze through tight spaces, leap across perilous gaps with ease, and potentially even reduce fall damage through masterful acrobatics.

  • Marksmanship: You can strike targets with pinpoint accuracy from afar, potentially ignore wind and cover modifiers, and possibly even master specialized techniques like called shots or rapid-fire maneuvers.

  • Evasion: You can dodge incoming attacks with uncanny grace, anticipate enemy movements, and potentially even utilize advanced maneuvers like disarming strikes or counters.


This stat represents the vast accumulation of learned information and scholarly expertise. Characters with high Knowledge possess a wealth of knowledge about the world, history, and various disciplines.

  • Lore: You can recall forgotten lore, decipher ancient texts, and potentially even gain insights into specific cultures or historical events, allowing you to navigate social situations, solve puzzles, and uncover hidden secrets.

  • Medicine: You can treat injuries with exceptional skill, potentially identify diseases, and possibly even concoct potent potions or antidotes. (phsyical and psychological)

  • Scholar: Depending on your chosen field (history, engineering, arcana, etc.), you could gain access to specialized libraries, decipher complex texts, or craft powerful artifacts related to your area of expertise.


his stat represents keen observation, sharp senses, and insightful deduction. Characters with high Awareness excel at noticing details, piecing together clues, and understanding the motivations of others.

  • Investigation: You excel at finding hidden objects, following faint trails, and piecing together disparate details to form a clear picture, allowing you to unravel conspiracies, track down missing persons, and expose hidden truths.

  • Perception: You can spot hidden creatures or traps with exceptional ease, perceive minute changes in your surroundings, and potentially even gain a premonition of imminent danger.

  • Insight: You can see through attempts at deception, gauge emotional states with remarkable accuracy, and potentially even predict a person’s next move based on subtle tells. This expertise can be invaluable in social interactions, negotiations, and interrogations.


This stat represents the ability to influence others through charisma, social skills, and captivating presence. Characters with high Performance excel at persuasion, deception, and captivating audiences.

  • Diplomacy: You can build trust and rapport with others, forge alliances, and potentially even sway opinions through persuasive arguments. This expertise can be instrumental in resolving conflicts peacefully, securing favorable deals, and building strong relationships with influential figures.

  • Distraction: You can employ sleight of hand, dazzling displays, or well-placed words to distract others, create opportunities for yourself or your allies, and potentially even sow confusion among your enemies.

  • Deception: You can craft convincing lies, concoct elaborate stories, and potentially even manipulate people. This expertise can be beneficial in bluffing your way out of danger, tricking opponents, or gathering information through subterfuge.


This stat represents the ability to operate in the shadows, remaining unseen and unheard. Characters with high Subtlety excel at infiltration, navigating treacherous environments, and acquiring things through finesse.

  • Infiltration: You can move silently through shadows, exploit weaknesses in security systems, and potentially even create diversions to distract guards. This expertise is invaluable for scouting enemy positions, stealing valuable information, and carrying out daring assassinations.

  • Tinkering: You can build ingenious tools and devices, bypass complex locks with ease, and potentially even rewire existing machinery to your advantage. This expertise is useful for disarming deadly traps, disabling security systems, and creating custom tools for specific tasks.

  • Pickpocket: You can lift valuables from unsuspecting targets, navigate tight spaces unseen, and potentially even bypass rudimentary security measures. This expertise can be beneficial for acquiring key items, funding your adventures, and potentially even planting incriminating evidence on your enemies.