Freedom to Play Anywhere!

Light, Easy
and Portable

With RPG Anywhere, the possibilities are limitless, and so is the freedom to play. The system is designed to be light, nimble, and easy-to-learn.

Whether you prefer playing in the comfort of your own home, while on a lunch break at the office, or even amidst the vibrant atmosphere of a local bar with friends, RPG Anywhere is there to accommodate your adventure.

No more lugging heavy rulebooks or being bound to a specific location. RPG Anywhere liberates you to delve into immersive storytelling and exciting quests wherever your heart desires.

Freedom to Be Anywhere!

Endless Worlds, Infinite Settings

Choose realms of boundless creativity with RPG Anywhere. Our system knows no bounds when it comes to settings and genres.

Fantasy, dystopian futures, pirates, space exploration, or any other world that springs from your imagination—it's all fair game. With RPG Anywhere, you can seamlessly adapt the mechanics and rules to suit any world or setting you envision.

Unleash your inner hero, navigate treacherous waters, or explore the uncharted depths of space. The power to shape and explore any universe lies within your hands.

"In 2019, a group of TTRPG players, DMs, GMs and, most importantly, friends sat down to discuss (and argue) about what made for a good story telling RPG. We talked about ensuring it still had enough rules to hold play together but enough flexibility to be both serious or light-hearted. That year, I began work on what is currently called "RPG Anywhere" It was drafted through several revisions and styles and stayed that way in 2020 - until what you see here. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful and fun."

— Qaizoku


Core Mechanics

RPG Anywhere employs a simple and adaptable set of core mechanics that can be applied to any game world. The system focuses on providing a balanced experience that allows for both narrative-driven gameplay and strategic decision-making.

Generic Stats

The system employs a set of generic stats that are designed to be versatile and applicable across different settings. These stats are broad categories that encompass various aspects of a character's abilities and qualities, allowing players to create diverse and unique characters.

Character Creation

The character creation process in RPG Anywhere is designed to be intuitive and flexible. Players can allocate points distribute their character's stats, ensuring customization and personalization while adhering to the guidelines of the game.

Scenario Resolution

The system employs a dice-based task resolution mechanic to determine the outcomes of character actions and challenges. Depending on the complexity and difficulty of a task, players may roll a specific number of die (d6) to determine the success or failure of the action.

Narrative Focus

The system places a strong emphasis on storytelling and character development. Players are encouraged to collaborate with the Storyteller (ST) to create engaging narratives, make meaningful choices, and develop their characters' personalities, The system includes mechanics that incentivize role-playing and reward players for creative problem-solving.

Progression and Advancement

RPG Anywhere allows characters to grow and improve over time. As players successfully overcome challenges and gain experience, they can earn points or rewards that can be used to increase their character's stats, learn new abilities, or acquire additional resources. This progression system ensures a sense of development and offers players a sense of accomplishment.

Modularity and Setting Adaptability

RPG Anywhere is designed to be modular and adaptable to different game settings. The core rules can be easily customized or expanded upon to incorporate specific elements or mechanics relevant to a particular genre or theme. Story Tellers have the flexibility to create their own worlds, scenarios, and challenges, while still maintaining consistency within the core system.

Storyteller Guidelines

The system provides guidelines and tools for the Storyteller to facilitate and manage gameplay effectively. This includes rules for designing encounters, balancing challenges and maintaining game flow. The ST's role is to encourage players to cooperatively tell the story through the game world, while acting as a narrator, and provide challenges and opportunities for the players.