Occultis Mechanica Plot Ideas

Here are some quick adventure hooks to get your creative juices flowing

The Haunting at Ravenholm Manor

Investigators are invited to an abandoned and eerie manor to investigate rumors of ghostly apparitions and sinister occurrences. Unravel the secrets of the haunted manor and face malevolent spirits.

The Clockwork Assassin

A high-profile politician has been found dead, seemingly killed by a mysterious clockwork automaton. Investigators must follow the trail of the mechanical assassin to uncover the conspiracy behind the murder.

The Alchemical Catastrophe

A renowned alchemist's experiment goes awry, causing an explosion that unleashes dangerous alchemical creatures upon the city. The investigators must contain the chaos and neutralize the alchemical threat.

The Missing Heirloom

A noble family seeks help to recover a stolen family heirloom. The heist scene is spotless of clues, except for some residual eldritch energy and a single gear piece. The trail leads to a shadowy underworld of thieves and occult dealers.

The Seance of Whispers

A spiritualist medium holds a séance to communicate with the departed, but something goes horribly wrong. Investigators must unravel the dark secrets of the medium's past and confront vengeful spirits.

The Enchanted Masquerade

A lavish masquerade ball hosted by an enigmatic noble turns deadly as guests start disappearing under mysterious circumstances. Uncover the malevolent enchantments and hidden motives behind the festivities.

The Clockwork Abomination

A series of gruesome murders leads investigators to a mad scientist's lair, where they encounter a grotesque clockwork abomination. Delve into the depths of the scientist's depraved experiments to put an end to the monstrous creation.

The Curse of the Ancient Relic

An ancient relic with a cursed past resurfaces, bringing calamity to its possessors. The investigators must navigate through the trail of bodies, uncover forbidden knowledge and lift the curse.